We regularly work with everyone from companies and researchers to students and startups - the sky's the limit. Whether it's a class for elementary schools, a demo for executives, or a clinic for integrators, NIS is structured to facillitate whatever robotics project you have.

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Cancelations more than two weeks from the start date of program will be refunded in full. Any cancelation within a two week window from the start of class will not be refunded and instead be credited to the organization paying for the attendee to attend a future offering of the program within 6 Months.




NIS has three advanced 6-axis robotic arms, available for certification trainings, research use, and member projects.

Each arm has suites of integrated equipment, including:

- Variable Speed Conveyor Belts (VFD Control)
- Sensopart Vision systems
- Robotiq and Schmaltz End-Of-Arm-Tooling
- Precision Dispensing and Palletizing teaching jigs
- I/O Control of example components and sensors

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Universal Robots CORE Training

NIS is a proud representative of Universal Robots’ education initiatives. UR's CORE Certification curriculum offers a comprehensive three-day program giving participants the skills they need to excel in robot operations. Covering installation, programming, troubleshooting, optimization and more, this intensive course equips individuals with the skills they need to navigate the world of collaborative and industrial robotics. 

Further pathways in machine tending, robotic welding, and computer vision are also available.

This program is eligible for financial assistance under the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) through NEworks. Inquire for more information

Collaborative Robot Welding

The American Welding Society predicts a job gap of 336,000 new welding professionals needed by 2026, and in states like Nebraska that need is being felt more than ever. Welding Automation Cells help bridge that gap, revolutionizing a welder's workflow while boosting consistency, predictability, and worker satisfaction. 

Traditionally thought of as cost-prohibitive and requiring complex safety measures, NIS is proud to represent Vectis Automation's streamlined collaborative robot welding cells. Classes are offered regularly, where students are able to master the setup, configuration, and fundamental principles of Collaborative Robotic Welding. Learn MIG concepts, fixturing best practices, and common troubleshooting techniques for automating one of the region's most in-demand skillsets.

Vectis Welding

Automated Machine Tending

COMING SOON: Unlock the potential of automation with our Automated Machine Tending Essentials Course. This hands-on training is designed for engineers, operators, technicians, and integrators who want to build practical experience understanding the setup, operation, and maintenance of automated machine tending systems. Learn from industry experts through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises. Enhance your skills, increase productivity, and reduce downtime with cutting-edge techniques.

Computer Vision for Articulated Arms

COMING SOON: Build Vision applications with the Machine Vision Integration Course. Designed around integrating Sensopart cameras with Universal Robots arms, this course focuses on enhancing robotic adaptability, precision, and functionality using advanced machine vision techniques. Participants will engage in both theoretical discussions and hands-on practice, all led by industry experts. Ideal for integrators, engineers, and technicians intent on implementing sophisticated visual systems in automation projects.

FAA Pt.107


Elevate your drone skills with an FAA Part 107 License! Designed for both aspiring and experienced pilots, this course covers essential knowledge from airspace rules to flight safety, alongside practical flying sessions. Get expert guidance and hands-on experience to confidently pass your certification. Ideal for those looking to fly commercially.

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NIS houses Staff Machinist Elijah J. Paulson to provide trainings for CNC metalworking equipment. Current programs include:

  • One-on-One consultations
  • Multi-week Bridgeport Mill courses
  • Clausing Machine Lathe training
  • Tormach CNC four-axis mill training
  • Metal Fiber Laser and Plasma Cutter instruction
Metal Shop

Embedded Systems

Trainings, tools, and resources are available for

  • Embedded Microcontrollers
    - Arduino (Consumer, IoT, Pro)
    - Raspberry Pi
    - Texas Instruments Dev Kits
  • High resolution 3D scanning (Creaform Handyman Black)
  • Wide array of software for configuring, programming, PCB design, and more