How to become a member of NIS

You can sign up for a New Member Orientation through the button below

Become a Member

Our New Member Orientation is a 60 minute on-boarding process.  We will provide you with information about our culture here at Innovation Studio, our safety and operational policies, and the future of the facility.  We will also go over how to sign up for trainings and how to get access to equipment via our calendar system as well as take a tour of the facility!

Who can become a member?

Anyone may become a member of Nebraska Innovation Studio.  You have the choice of signing up for a monthly, yearly, or semester membership for UNL participants and monthly or yearly for community members.  Minor participation is limited. 

We are located at 2021 Transformation Drive, Suite 1500, Entrance B.  The studio entrance is located in the NorthWest corner of the parking lot at 19th & Transformation Drive.

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