What is NIS?


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Nebraska Innovation Studio (NIS)  is a community-oriented makerspace that serves as a hub for innovators, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Membership to NIS is open to all UNL staff, faculty, and students as well as the surrounding Nebraska Community. NIS is a do-it-yourself membership based workshop. We encourage all types of making and creative thinking. Our members support businesses, invent new technologies, or just make projects for fun.


You can think of Nebraska Innovation Studio as a gym but with power tools. Members pay a monthly fee to come and use our tools and facilities to make whatever they want. Members are welcome to run businesses, make prototypes, or just have fun.

Some equipment requires members to complete safety and operational training before gaining access to the equipment. These are a one-time, free, and typically hour-long training session. Members can sign up for these trainings after joining on our website through the NIS manager.

Sewing Machine


Our mission is to design and create a community-oriented space that fosters innovation through making. We want to promote individual growth, business growth and community growth through creativity, innovation and collaboration.

The studio fosters success by allowing our creators to develop new skills and master existing ones. We also help entrepreneurs who want to launch and grow startups. Success for us also means collaborating with institutions and businesses in ways that strengthen the fabric of our university, our city and our state. 

Nebraska Innovation Studio serves as a hub for the state's growing maker movement by supporting makerspaces across Nebraska.

Our mission begins by giving students, alumni and community members the tools they need to bring their ideas to life in a collaborative and collegial atmosphere. Nebraska Innovation Studio has the potential to be an engine for innovation for Nebraska.

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