Our Mission

There are many maker spaces going in on campuses across the nation. Some are located within a university library and others are funded through a department or college. Nebraska Innovation Studio’s operations are structured outside of a particular college and housed in a neutral location on Nebraska Innovation Campus. Our mission is to design and create a community-oriented space that harvests innovation through making.

There are five components of a space that are essential in creating an atmosphere to nurture innovative ideas and projects:

  1. a diversity of ideas;
  2. a density of these diverse ideas;
  3. mechanisms for the ideas to mix;
  4. mechanisms to connect ideas;
  5. strategies to allow these ideas to grow.

Innovation Studio will implement these processes to help its members build on innovative ideas, create a rich and physically engaging culture, and reach out past the University into the surrounding Lincoln community. With this facility we are creating an environment in which our members can realize their creative innovations and produce them in a physical form. We believe our formal use of these strategies will make NIS much more than a makerspace and an engine of innovation for Nebraska.